A complete system solution from Neyser Endustri comprises the basic and detailed engineering, delivery of mechanical components, project management, installing and commissioning of the plant and training of plant personnel. The mechanical components, instrumentation, control and automation systems are carefully selected for a Neyser Endustri system solution and coordinated with each other. Neyser Endustri takes responsibility for the entire scope of the delivery. This approach reduces the number of interfaces and potential sources of failure.

In order to provide our clients the best solutions, we produce equipment that can ensure that each project is being treated according to it’s particularity, such as:

Arch Screens, Vertical Screens, Screw Screens, Coarse Screens, Fine Screens, Rotary Drum
Grit Classifier, Grit/ Grease Separator, Grit and Grease Bridge Scraper
Spiral Compactor, Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor


Surface Aeration, Jet aeration, Coarse/Fine Bubble Aeration

Circular Bridge Scraper, Thickener Bridge

Polimer Preparation Unit

Filter Press, Belt Press


We can also offer Compact Unit Treatment using technologies:

SBR(Sequential Batch Reactor)

MBBR(Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor)

ASP(Activated Sludge Process)

Extended aeration


Through our partners, we can supply equipment such as:

Flow Control Units: Control Valves, Hydraulic Valves
Pumping Stations and Mixing Systems
Electromagnetic Flowmeters
UV System , Chlorination , Ozone system

Centrifugal Decanter
Sensors - oxygen, suspended solids, pH, nitrogen compounds
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