Process Design

We are specialized in conceptual process design, energy efficiency and techno-economic evaluation. Detailed design services

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A complete system solution from Neyser Endustri comprises the basic and detailed engineering, delivery of mechanical components,

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Post Sale

Once the project moves out of the execution phase and into commissioning and operating phases, we offer continuous improvement,

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Upgrading the WWTP means replacing technologically outdated systems or equipment or expanding plant capacity due to increased flow.

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Neyser Endustri is an experienced company that promotes environment technologies due to more than a  decade of activity in the waste water field and also fully capable of providing key solutions for drinking water industry, pumping stations and related environment concerns. We provide all mechanical equipments necessary to water projects, consultancy in developing projects for both new and existing waste water treatment plans and drinking water treatment plants and supporting all developing projects involving water networks.

Neyser Endustri has as main domain of expertise the interest for environmental protection and as first concern, providing custom made solutions for treating drinking water, waste water treatment plants, industrial waste water plants, special methods of treatment for all kinds of generated waste water. We are also providers for grease traps and oil separators, pretreatment equipment and pumping stations and accessories.


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